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    I have read the Carbide.ui interview with the carbide.ui team and I am a bit confused with the Pinboard topic. The original text from the interview is below in this post.

    I have N80 that is S60 3rd Edition device and I can see the Pinboard (application, that is represented with diamond icon, on my phone it is called Go to). Strange thing is that when I open the pinboard it does not work. I can see there just three icons, and I cannot add anything.

    Two days ago I have seen Pinboard icon even in the screenshots that shows one of ui improvements of 3rd ed. FP2.

    Am I missing something? Am I alone who has Pinboard on the phone?

    Originally Posted by Le Pharao
    Sorry, I posted this question already. No one had an answer, but perhaps the Carbide experts?

    In the Carbide UI 3.1 Theme Studio one can edit the "Pinboard". I can remember that Series 60 Second Edition mobiles had a pinboard, but I'm not sure if Third Edition phones still have that feature or if the pinboard was completely replaced by the possibility to add ones "Favourites" to the Active Idle Screen...? If Third Edition phones still have a pinboard, where can one find it in the menu? I'm just wondering if it is worth the effort to create a nice pinboard for 3d Edition phones or if that only makes sense for 2nd Edition ones.

    Answer: The Pinboard is an optional feature of S60 as of version 3.0. As far as we know, no S60 3.x phone has included Pinboard so not much point in spending effort on that one for S60 3.x.

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    Re: Pinboard

    The "Go to" (or "Pinboard") app is going away (and not on all products).

    And on those products where it exists, an application must specifically have support built-in to add itself or content items it manages to "Go to" (in other words, the phone does not have such support that you can add anything or any app there thay you could wish to put it there).

    Because of this limitation, I just stick to reconfigruing softkeys, Active standby and the main menu as I like (and if the phone has this "Go to" app, I just move it to the bottom of some subfolder in the main menu with other stuff I never use, either).

    I think Psiloc, or somebody else, had an add-on application that had hacked the file format or APIs, and allows you to add anything to it. If it directly manipulates whatever file that stores the info, then it will not work on S60 3rd Edition based devices (as such an app wouldn't be able to access the private files of other apps).

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