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    Question Are supported WAV formats documented anywhere?


    I have wave files (*.WAV) that I'd like to play on a S60 3rd edition device (the Nokia E50 in specific).

    The format of the files is according to the Winamp player "Signed 16 bit PCM, 1 Channel(s), 5512Hz".

    When I transfer these files to the phone via Bluetooth, I cannot open and play them. Opening the received "messages" from the Inbox launches the media player application which says "Unable to play media clip", and then I'm returned back to the Inbox.

    Yes, I know that I can convert the files to a more common 16 bit / 44.1 kHz format and then the files will probably play OK.

    The reason why I'm writing is because I cannot find any documentation about which specific WAV formats are supported in various Nokia phones. For example, the device specification page for the E50 at http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/E50 states in the "Audio Formats" section that WAV is supported, but I cannot find any specific information about which WAV format variants are actually supported.

    - If there is WAV documentation available, could someone point me to it?

    - If there is no WAV documentation available, please consider this post as an enhancement request for Nokia to improve the audio documentation available.

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    Re: Are supported WAV formats documented anywhere?

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    Re: Are supported WAV formats documented anywhere?

    Quote Originally Posted by petrib
    Thank you.

    Looking at the table, I actually recall seeing it before. I just had trouble finding it on the site, as it is placed under "Technologies" -> "Audio & Video". I was looking for audio documentation in the "Documentation" -> "Multimedia" section.

    8kHz seems to be the sampling rate that should be used.

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