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    Question PDF based content certification

    I am "developing" content - Travel Guides - for S60 3rd ed platforms which is released as a PDF file. An eBook or eGuide if you want.
    There are 2 versions: one for the 2.8" screens and one for the 9300, 9500 screens (and also laptops).
    Both versions require a reader to be used and I selected the PDF+ reader because it offers the best functionality.

    You find them at http://www.europe-travel-guides.com

    Is there a possibility to get this type of "application" certified so that it can be offered via "Nokia Software Market"?

    Without good content in the right format the reader is useless and also the reverse is true. It's the technical format that should be certified and not the information in the pdf.

    Thanks for listening and talking back.


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    Re: PDF based content certification

    How to get stuff to Nokia Software Market:

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