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    Theme Studio for Motorola ???

    Hello ,

    Could someone please tell me is there something similar to Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio for the MOTOROLA cellphones ?
    I would like to buy the Motorola A1200 and I'm not sure how to install and make my own themes and skins.Is it simillar process ?


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    Re: Theme Studio for Motorola ???

    Hard to say. Have you asked on a Motorola discussion board, or Motorola directly (rather than doing so on a competitor's site)?

    Asking here is like asking for Windows app development help on an Apple discussion board. Or asking for Ford tuning help on a Toyota board. Etc.

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    Re: Theme Studio for Motorola ???

    Just to add what Petrib suggested :: I have came across Motorola Media Manager . The Motorola Media Manager is intended for developers writing media-rich content for Motorola handsets. It enables the consolidation of media content such as bitmapped graphics and music files, and their packaging into a single "theme" file for easy storage.
    But I did not see A1200 in the supported devices list.

    Also give a try with Motorola Developer Technical Support (DTS)

    Moto guys must be thankful to FN Discussion Boards at least for helping Moto developers.


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