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    getting more out of our megapixels

    Hi ,

    these days every mobile phones have camera and everyone in the business is coming out with all possible megapixels. I have a suggestion-can somebody develop an option in our camera phone-an option we can call a standard passport/visa size photo mode - i know we can always scale the image to required specifications but imagine the benefits of this option along with (night mode, zoom, rotate, flip etc):

    • you actually can have an option of capturing an image in passport photo mode
    • you can print it whenever needed
    • you can help your friends in need

    by this single option in the camera phones, you can convert your phone in a most needed office tool in situations such as: school/college/office/foreign tours/comapany ID/beaurocratic crisis/rush hour panic/

    and for users such as:college students/office staff/professionals/businessmen/and everybody else who needs to cooperate with Governance by submitting his photographs for hundreds of reasons.


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    Re: getting more out of our megapixels


    Sounds like a reasonable idea. One thing to note though is that the resolution of the picture taken and the size at which it is printed have no fixed connection. If you take your pictures to be printed or use a digital printing kiosk then you can choose what size to print them, whatever the resolution they were taken at. The only real restriction is that low resolution pictures cannot be printed at large sizes without a very significant reduction in the quality of the image (blocky!).

    So perhaps this really needs to be implemented as a 3rd party service rather than in the phones?


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