Hi! Chaps,
Can any body explain that how a SIM and ME is organized in terms of memory.
The case I am exercising is something like this:
I am trying to read from different memory locations of ME:
AT+CMGL="ALL" - working alright
The issue started from 3GPP 27.005-500[3.1] where it says that the message storage parameters are as follow..
<index> <mem1> <mem2> <mem3> <stat> <total1> <total2> <total3> <used1> <used2> <used3>
Message Data Parameters are as follow..
<ackpdu> <alpha> <cdata> <ct> <da> <data> <dcs> <dt> <fo> <length> <mid> <mn> <mr> <oa> <page> <pages> <pdu> <pid> <ra> <sca> <scts> <sn> <st> <toda> <tooa> <tora> <tosca> <vp>.
Here <mem1> says that:
String type; memory from which messages are read and deleted (commands List Messages +CMGL, Read Message +CMGR and Delete Message +CMGD); defined values (others are manufacturer specific):
"BM" broadcast message storage
"ME" ME message storage
"MT" any of the storages associated with ME
"SM" (U) SIM message storage
"TA" TA message storage
"SR" status report storage

So, now I would like to ask that how to get the information from <MT>, <SM>, <TA>, <SR>, <ME> and <BM> or only SM and BM is relevant from messaging point of view and rest are not required to be considered.