In the nokia application "Synchronization", you can see the synchronization log is a dialog, on which the caption labels right-aligned and controls left-aligned.
This style of dialog is implemented in UIQ but NOT in S60.
So how to create such a dialog in S60?

I have tried many ways, but they are not ideal: :-(
0. CAknDialog/CEikDialog. Cannot set the caption labels right aligned. Who can tell me if some api will do so?
1. CAknQueryMessage. But letters are not fixed in width. What's more, unicode character is not all of the same width.
2. wmlc. But table in wml is divided in to cells of equal width.
3. CAknForm. But cannot set EDWIN control multilines in view mode even i've set all multiline-relative parameters. And an unnecessary highlighted bar is shown!

What on earth the nokia application can do so