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    Need help using the 4GB Memory Card

    hey guys sorry I dunno if this is the right thread to use, but I just bought a 4GB memory card but look like it not working on my Nokia N80... can I please get some help..


    oh you can contact me at

    MSN (kennytnb@hotmail.com)
    AIM (qangfi)

    Thanks for helping.

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    Re: Need help using the 4GB Memory Card

    You should propably check the device support details before purchasing accessories for it. If I remmeber right current Nokia phones are supporting memory cards up to 2 GB (and some might only support smaller ones)


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    Re: Need help using the 4GB Memory Card

    Yucca is right. The N80 only supports memory cards up to 2GB, sorry!


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    Re: Need help using the 4GB Memory Card

    ?!? - 4Gb worked?


    TOPRAM 4GB Mini SD Secure Digital Memory Card

    Firmware v3.0617.06
    Nokia N80 (63.02)

    USA N80 may need to use Firmware v3.0617.06
    to support 4GB Card, v4.0 will NOT support 4GB

    Nokia N80 (Test on N80 TIM Version ***** Firmware v3.0617.06 only)

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