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Thread: Nokia 6510

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    RE: Nokia 6510

    I'd like to know the answer for this as well.. I'd like to know how I can compose my own ringtones for the 6510.. just gotten it yesterday, upgraded from an 8250. Please email me at fadedvibes@hotmail.com Thanks a lot!

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    Nokia 6510

    I have just bought a new handset (Nokia 6510), and found that it had added some new services in it such as Mobile Internet services,Wap and so on.Together with my 6510 package that included a CD-row to me In the CDROM included:
    1.New Sychronization
    2.Nokia Content Copier
    3.Nokia Pc Composer
    4.Nokia graphic
    5.Nokia Pc Syne
    6.Nokia Pc Wap Manager
    7.Nokia Phone Editor

    But how to use it? (Not included in the Owner's Guide)
    How to connect it to PC?
    Can't send all the Composer Ring Tones, Sms,Picture Message through the PC to 6510.

    Kindly Send me the answer to me throuht the E-mail address below:


    Best regards.

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    RE: Nokia 6510

    just simply use the nokia pc composer, and u can also send it out thru sms to the others for those song which you have composed. However u got to have knowledge of the music notation in order to compose the song. Good luck ! probably u need a music teacher to help u on that

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