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    How to launch a call from a WAP/GPRS session ?

    Good afternoon from France.

    A beginner's question.

    Let's assume that my user is browsing a WML card using his WAP phone using GPRS as carrier transport protocol, in non-connected mode.

    Let's assume that in an WML card I want to write code that allows me to instruct the portable phone to dial a number when a menu is selected.

    Does anybody have a sample of this code ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dimitri Aguero
    Saint Germain en Laye, France

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    RE: How to launch a call from a WAP/GPRS session ?

    In the wml card, add something like:
    <p><a href="call.wmls#home()">Call home</a></p>

    then add a wmlscript named call, something like:
    extern function home()

    The phone will ask for confirmation of the call, using a name out of the phone book if there is a match (but if the phone book has 01384261625 is will not see the match) otherwise the number is displayed. It is also possible to add numbers to the phones' contact list (phone book).

    Finally you can also do the same things direct from XHTML pages. You may find the following document useful: http://www1.wapforum.org/tech/documents/wtai-30-apr-98.pdf

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