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    Getting app onto 3410

    I've written my MIDlet and tested it in the emulator, but now I'm having trouble deploying it to the real 3410.

    I followed the instructions in the Nokia OTA document, and created an html page that points at my JAD file. The page displays on my phone, but when I try to "Open Link" on the download file it says "No response, try again".

    What is likely to be the problem? The website is being hosted on my AOL account - is this an issue (I read all the stuff about the gateway needing various settings)?

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    RE: Getting app onto 3410

    AOL may be the problem. The server must be configured to send the right mime-types with JAD and JAR files, and I don't think AOL does that right.

    There's some good documentation available on OTA and how the server must be configured, see for example

    The required MIME-types are:
    text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor .jad
    application/java-archive .jar

    Btw, for testing you should try to directly get the MIDlet to the phone (e.g. via IrDA if the 3410 supports that) - downloading is very expensive!

    Good Luck,

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    RE: Getting app onto 3410


    As the Nokia documentation states there are two possible points of failure in OTA downloading:

    1. The web server doesn't send the correct MIME-types (the ones Holtsch described) which makes the bit-stream unreconizable for the terminal.

    2. The operator WAP gateway might not support:
    a. the above-mentioned content types (you might get error message "Content Type Not Supported" or something similar
    b. the SAR (Segmentation and Re-assembly) option of WTP protocol.

    It is easy to test where the problem lies as there are several free-to-download midlets available over the net, from e.g. midlet.org. If downloading them works, then the problem is with AOL. If it doesn't work, then most probably your operator is at fault.

    In the case 1 talk to AOL and case 2 to your operator. If they don't cooperate or can't answer to your questions, try another web server/operator.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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