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    Cool Different HTTP-Headers for firmware Versions Asia-Pacific, Europe


    We use a platform to autodetect mobile devices for OTA content distribution. Now we wan't to offer our services more international. There for I need to know if there is a difference in the http-device-header for regional device firmware versions, for e.g. uses the Nokia 6600, Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, China, Europe different http headers?

    Thanks in Advance,


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    Re: Different HTTP-Headers for firmware Versions Asia-Pacific, Europe

    I think there may be some differences, due to the firmware versions being used, e.g. a device in America may be recognized as Nokia6682/1.6.x and in Asia it could be something like Nokia6682/my.asian.firmware.version.

    However, I think these don't happen very often, so you could be quite sure that the headers are the same.

    If you have any other way of verifying info, I'd also use WURFL or the UAProfile header.


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    Re: Different HTTP-Headers for firmware Versions Asia-Pacific, Europe

    Hi Jan,

    Just to complement Daniel's advices, below are more articles about WURFL. There's also a JSP Tag Library called WALL:

    Build multiserving Java applications, Part 1

    Build multiserving Java applications, Part 2

    Managing Device Diversity with WURFL/WALL

    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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