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    Re: Forum Nokia Pro developers easy way to submit requirements

    i'm not a PRO but.. here is an ideea, oftopic i think...

    nokia5500 to contol yourPC games...

    nokia 5500 have an accelerometer, and it can be accessed from symbian c++ with the sensor SDK

    my ideea consists in 2 programs, more like drivers...

    phone program: must read the sensor (the position of the phone and movement) and make a bluetooth connection to the PC

    PC program/driver: a driver (game controler); conects to phone via bluetooth and read the data about the phone's positionig; can be calibrated to users will - define 0 point, tolerance, and movement (the phone can be used like a WiiMote)

    i think that it isn't to hard to do this, i'll think i'll manage the phone part...

    but sincerly i was hoping that the nokia 5500 could be a "nokia 5500 gamers edition", in the package must be: the phone with preinstaled gameControler application, an USB-bluetooth adaptor(replaces the data cable), and the PC driver on a CD, and manulas/chargers/clips/whatever

    i'm a flash developer and still wondering what to buy: 5500 or 6233 or N73;
    -5500-like the design just 1M for flash
    -6233 makes 640x480movies has unlimited memory for flash????
    -N73 has a slide has 8M for flash - the mem isues got it from nokia phones flash profiles in the flash simulator

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    Re: Forum Nokia Pro developers easy way to submit requirements

    Message split from thread and moved

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