I'm developing an audio application that the user is not likely to want to be interrupted while using.

I was planning to put in a note reminding the user that they should switch to offline mode if they want to but it would be better if the application would do it for them.

As I understand it this requires the partnering of the API from Nokia. Rather than just waste 160euros on a request that has no chance of succeeding I thought I'd ask the opinions of those who've had some experience with the process.

So, for anyone that has got the API (if you're allowed to say) what do you think of the use-case/business case - is the request likely to succeed in your opinion.

Also, for anyone that has successfully used the API partnering request(?), how long did the process take? I'd like to get the first version of the application ready for signing in a couple of months... any chance???

Thanks for your help,