I tried listing all available ports on my phone using Javaphone API.
I obtained something like 90 (ninety!!!) different ports!!!

This is the Jython code I use:
import javax.comm.CommPortIdentifier
for i in range(0,255):
print id.getName()

What I get is quite strange:
16 IPCCH ports (from IPCCH::0 to IPCCH:15)
5 ACM1CH ports (from ACM1CH::0 to ACM1CH::4)
1 COM port ("COM1")
1 IR port ("IRCOM1")
63 (!!!) Bluetooth ports!! (from BTCOMM::0 to BTCOMM::63)

What does this mean?
What are IPCCH and ACM1CH ports?
How can I access these ports? Sending data to COM1 results in nothing: no event is triggered, being the phone connected to PC or not, bot using mrouter or hyperterminal.
And no port appears to be in use (.getCurrentOwner)( method also gives "none").

Any help?