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    POPsnail Presents the POPscars

    POPsnail Presents the POPscars: The New Software Award for Shareware and Free Download Who needs the Oscars when we have the POPscars?


    Oscars - The 2007 Oscars are almost upon us again and Hollywood is busier than a IKEA store on the first day of the sales. But as important as Oscars and all his little golden brothers are to Hollywood they don't mean much to us. We only get to watch the ceremony on TV while the host tries to keep us entertained as the Oscars are given out for the best Best Boy or some such. Our views don't count in this show and all we can really do is make predictions who'll win, lose, cry etc. which may explain why people are loosing interest in the Academy Award ceremony. Most people only cast an eye over the Oscar Nominations when they're announced and then get a bit more interested when they read the paper/watch the news that day after the ceremony is over, who can be bothered to watch the actual show anymore?There are far better indicators for what movies are worth watching, the internet has made our views on movies count (check out sites like IMDB or Flixster and you'll see what I mean).

    POPscars - Our expertise is more grounded in Movie software than movies and with that in mind we've got our own awards ceremony to hold, the movie industry has the Oscars so we think the software industry needs the POPscars! From this year on we'll be awarding the POPscars to software that we think does more for you than any other. Rather than focusing on big name software by Microsoft and it's ilk we want to bring people's attention to the best Shareware and Free Download available so the smaller developers gets more praise than they presently do. We've taken a long hard look at all the software we offer on our site and devised our own awards loosely based on the categories the Academy Awards use, so while Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorcese or Helen Mirren won't be winning any of our awards this year they might be nominated next year if they design some truly essential software (although we aren't holding our breath). We've got it all covered here for you and while we don't have a red carpet or an extravagant after party to invite you to afterwards but we're sure you won't be disappointed after you take a look at our POPscar Award Winners.

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    Re: POPsnail Presents the POPscars

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