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    How to edit / copy themes present on the phone

    Hi All,
    I have a 5500 and I would like to make minor changes to a theme. I am trying to get the theme off of the phone, but searching for sis, tdf, project files gets me nothing.

    The theme I want to make the minor changes in is in the memory card, but I can't seem to be able to get to it. Any ideas on how I could open the theme for editing?

    Also it seems that carbide cannot handle 208x208 res. Any other editors that anyone else knows about?

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: How to edit / copy themes present on the phone

    Hi V,

    at first the easiest part of your question about the 208x208 resolution. The new version of the Carbide.UI contains your desired resolution. Get the update from the nokia site.

    It is possible to get information about the themes in your phone from the memory card. Just put your card into the PC memory card reader and you should see all folders on your memory card. Themes are usualy stored in the "private" folder in the location like this: private\10207114\import\7e0563d64a088592.

    But you will only see files themepackage.mbm, themepackage.mif, themepackage.skn. The problem is that it is not possible to open mif and skn files. mbm is a multibitmap file which contains all bitmaps in the theme. The mbm can be extracted by e.g. MBM whizard tool. I was not able to find any tool how to get svg files from the mif and how to decompile the skn file.

    The result is that you should be able to edit bitmaps of your theme in the phone but nothing else. Even the Carbide.Ui doesn't support import from such files.

    Check the Release notes of the Carbide.UI, it says: ready-made SIS packages cannot be edited; the source file is required
    So, once the theme is packed into a sis file it is impossible to open the sis in the Carbide.UI



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