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    Test a COOL application

    Dear Forum Nokia Users,

    So many years of hype about LBS and not a single cool app! Well, here's your chance to test one.

    Sample Scenario: You are heading for a date (or a bizness meeting) & would like to keep him/her updated of your movement thru town as you make your way towards hir. Simply initiate application's tracking engine to send automatic location updates at regular, user-defined intervals.

    So be part of the user experience team & help test this tracking app which reverses the equation on tracking-related security concerns by letting you, the user, choose if & when you'd like to be tracked.

    All interested members plz submit the following info:

    - Email address
    - Phone model
    - Operator (Country)

    All test participants will be eligible for the first release free.


    Addendum: The application is aimed at Series 60 2nd ed. (example, Nokia 6600) and 3rd ed. (example Nokia N93) handsets.

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    Re: Test a COOL application

    Yes this application is interesting.and i would like to test this

    .... deleted........
    Phone model-Nokia N93
    Operator (Country) -BSNL(India).

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    Re: Test a COOL application

    .... deleted........
    6210 Navigator
    TIM (Brasil)
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    Re: Test a COOL application

    To repsond to Wirefree simply right click on his user name and select to send e-mail or send private message. Please do not divulge your mail and other information in a public forum.


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