got a billion 5200g wireless router today to try and use my N80 through wifi and my PC hardwired took me 2 seconds to connect to the net hardwired but the crappy thing wont let me connect with wifi..

but before i go bugging them about not connecting or taking it back to the shop monday i want to no if i need a VOIP router to use truphone on my phone?
i have been using both the internet and truphone on my N80ie with out a problem on mates BT home router and a ORANGE LIVEBOX which both support VOIP as the BT hub has a phone on it.

but i dont no if there just routers that have a extra option i dont need if you get me.. i just want wifi access yes? is that enough to use truphone?

im asking as i cant connect to either net or truphone

what are you peeps using/reakon i shoud do/router ideas?

im looking at a linkseys one now any good?

ideally i dont want a VOIP router as its twice as much and im skint lol