I have noticed that some phones, such as Nokia 3330 allow a value of say 17.1 or 10 to be entered into an input field with format="4N" but others (eg Nokia 7650) only allow numeric characters and insist on four digits, eg 0010 is ok, but 10 and 17.1 are not allowed (+-*. are accessed via the *+ key). Using format="*N" maxlength="4" allows 10 to be entered into both types of phones, but a decimal point cannot be entered into the 7650.

Is this a difference in WML 1.1 and 1.3? If so, is it possible to detect the mode in wmls so that a redirection can be made to one of two sets of pages. On a 3330, splitting the field into two takes up too much space (not allowed multi elements on a line), on a 7650 having two fields with the decimal point between them is better than having an alphanumeric input to accept the decimal point.

I only have access to static WML/WMLS, no server side scripting that can read page headers.