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Thread: country code

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    country code

    hello Sir,
    I am creating 1 application in j2me i have to check country code e.g.
    00919890144387 but if user enters 10 or 01 in place of 00 what will be the source code for this application.

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    Re: country code

    So you want to check the country to which the phone call is made, right? But your application needs to be able to remove all the international call indicators from the number (which could be "+", "011", "00", "990", "994", ... in fact there are probably hundreds of them, depending which country you are in and which operator you are using), right?

    You might have a huge task in front of you.

    Check calling codes for some countries for example here
    and even that site does not provide complete picture of the situation. For example for Finland it does not list many of the operator-specific calling codes.

    What are you trying to do with your application? There might be a better solution to your problem, but without knowing what you are trying to do, it is quite hard to make any suggestions.


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