Hi all,

I'm using the PC Suite API to write a small program which gets all CalendarItems from my nokia phone (6233). I'm using the CalendarItemServ2 from the CALADAPTERLib library, but when I call the method GetAllIds() I get a COMException with the message 'No Phone Connected'. The Phone is connected and in the system tray the Nokia PC Suite Icon says the same.

The method get_DeviceStatus(out status) from
STTNGS3A_SLib.PhoneInfo_Suite3 says nothing else. The phone is not connected. Also when I register an event handler to suite3.DeviceNotify takes no effect even when I connect/disconnect the phone physically several times.

Perhaps you would say that the phone is not supported by the API but in some cases it works. I have still collected all CalendarItems from my phone over that API. But most of the time it doesen't work.

Has somebody an idea or perhaps an example code to get it work?

Best regards