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    Lightbulb An idea to make Mobile phones a weapon vs crime

    The idea is: “alertness mode” for mobile phones. Basically when in alertness mode, some functions on the phone will change to make better use of mobile phones potential to help the police in some situations.

    The new/changed functions could be:

    Each picture taken could be sent directly (as fast as the hardware allows) to a remote server, preferably to the police. This would help removing anonymity in an assault or rape. The perpetrator would have to think twice before going through with his/hers illegal action, seeing as it would probably be a lot easier to identify him/her if the police has a picture. And it would be hard to stop the picture reaching the police.

    The phone could start recording and streaming audio to the same server. To help the police understand what happened.

    If it’s possible to get the exact position of the phone, a distress signal could be sent to the local police at the push of a single button.

    Of course the idea needs some fine tuning but ill leave that to you,
    and I dont know if it's a useful idea but I had to get it out of my head.

    /Niklas Björkendal

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    Re: An idea to make Mobile phones a weapon vs crime

    Good idea, but IMHO the taser or tasered mobile phone whould be a better solution in such case.

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    Smile Re: An idea to make Mobile phones a weapon vs crime

    Except that tazers are as efficient (or more?) for facilitating crime than protection against one.

    In addition to that they are licenced firearms and therefore you need a legitimate reason, self defence on being one...
    I wonder would the people at local police department laugh you out if you put "target tazer practice" (compare target shooting practice) as the reason, or would they suggest contacting mental heath personel.

    Anyhow you could make the software to activate on loud voice of acceleration of mobile device, if it was false alarm only
    useless data would be sent to server and it would be deleted at some sceduled time.

    The only thing you need is a server with enough space to buffer all that data.

    I think the current api's allow that, so just start coding...

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