We want to introduce our great application: Girtab.
With it you can create your own Java midlet in 15 minut
and there is no need for programming skills.

It is difficult to program, develop, debug and optimize
a mobile Java application with 2 hundred of screens.
For example it can be a dictionary or touristic guidebook.
But with Girtab you can concentrate on contents not
a programming.

In Girtab there are several kind of screens: screens,
forms, lists, graphics, splashes, animated splashes.
There are also special non-visual screens. And whole midlet
can be constructed easily.

You can create info-midlets with information contents like:
- users guide,
- small dictionaries,
- touristic guidebook,
- educational midlets,
- information midlets,
- short stories,
- queries which sends information to the server,
- systems for accessing remote databases,
- mobile newspapers,
- catalogs.

Simple - download and use!

Girtab presentation:

You can download a demo version:

Download many free examples ready to run on your mobile:

On our site you can download a demo version, many examples
and see screenshots. Girtab homepage: