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Thread: icons problem

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    icons problem

    i have made a theme with the icons changed, but i found that some icons remain show the originals.

    someone told me that part of the icons are locked and cannot be changed.

    i have tried labelling all the icons under application folder from 1 to 84 and installed again. only the icon with label 67 is shown.

    Just curious that if there is any method that the phone can show my works like what i saw in the carbide ui ? or can anyone please tell me if i have made any mistakes ?

    thank you so much.

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    Re: icons problem

    If You know the application UID, You can skin any 3rd party aplication icon from the application shell.
    3rd party icons that are not included by default You can add just by knowing the AppUID of the application to:
    Window / Preferences / Carbide.ui / 3rd party icons.
    AppUIds should be enough to skin any application in appshell. You could use Tasky to find the appuid.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: icons problem

    see, thank you so much.

    i will try using appuid later. I would like to ask is it just installed in the cell phone and then it will show me the appuid ? after that, what i have to do is to input the appuid under 3rd party category in carbide.ui ?

    if i have encountered any problems, may i ask again ?

    thank you.so much.


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