I am writing a notification plugin(myNotifPlugin) for my application where I need to display some notification using RNotifier from my app.

1) MyApplication-> Using the RNotifier instance to connect and then for
::StartNotifier(TUid aNotifierUid, const TDesC8 &aBuffer).
What is the aNotifierUid should be ?
TInt err = not.StartNotifier( , );
I am getting -1 err, all the time.

2) myNotifPlugin-> is derived from CBase, MEikSrvNotifierBase2
The following methods are implemented..

void DoCreateNotifierArrayL(CArrayPtrFlat<MEikSrvNotifierBase2>* aNotifiers )
{ }
CArrayPtr<MEikSrvNotifierBase2>* NotifierArray(){ }
const TImplementationProxy ImplementationTable[] = { }