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    Support localized midlet name

    Hi everyone,
    We have this problem, our application has a ui interface that can be english or french, when the midlet starts we query "microedition.locale" and do the right thing with the strings.
    The one thing we are unable to support is the name of the midlet as it appear to the user in his "file manager" or installed applications. We would like the name there to be in English "Some English Word" when the phone language is set to english and to French "Some French Word".
    I can't find any way to do it, although in the standard nokia applications (say calculator) it does that.
    Anyone has an idea?


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    Re: Support localized midlet name

    Are you talking about Series 40 devices?
    You could try
    Nokia-MIDlet-Name-<locale> - localised Suite name
    Nokia-MIDlet-<n>-<locale> - localised MIDlet name

    where locale is for example en-US, or other locale along those lines. I am not sure how widely this is supported.


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