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    source for TRK debug stub?

    Does anybody know if the source for the TRK debug stub (for on-target debugging) is available anywhere? If you search the web you can find the sources for an earlier version for the P800 device, but I haven't been able to find any source for the version for the N93.

    I ask because I've noticed that there are some issues with the stub (for example, if you ask it to read memory from address 0xceaff000 it seems to reliably cause the phone to reboot) and having the sources would allow us to work around or perhaps even fix some of these...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: source for TRK debug stub?


    I don't think you'll have any luck with this. I suspect that the TRK debug stub requires some capabilities that you won't be able to get (could be wrong though). Even if you had the source you wouldn't be able to sign the sis file for the N93.


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