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    Unhappy kxml parser problem!

    Hi All,

    Right now I'm fighting with XML parse in MIDP. I use kxml 1.2 parser downloaded from http://www-128.ibm.com/developerwork...xml/#resoruces.
    I pasted 'org' folder into my development system c:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Prototype_SDK_4_0\lib\cldcapi10.zip.
    Eclipse builds project correctly so I have JAD and JAR files, but when I press XML button calls XmlParser class I have fallowed message:
    Callback threw: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/kxml/parser/XmlParser in carbide_j_1.5 console.
    Pawel Kamoda

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    Re: kxml parser problem!

    I haven't used eclipse, but directly worked with the WTK, where we need to put the kxml zip file in the lib folder. If u want similar thing then i can help but not with eclipse as i have not used it. As for the exception i feel it is because the program was not able to access the KXML files, so just place the zip file in correct place (I am just guessing the problem )
    Khalandar Pasha N

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    Re: kxml parser problem!

    Put the kxml zip file inside libs folder (your project folder\verified\libs)

    Sunil (sunilmnaik@gmail.com)

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