Recently i bought Nokia N73 Music Edition and it has Adobe Reader LE. All used to work fine but NOW For some reason the Adobe Reader application does not launch any more.

I searched in the nokia/adobe/google web but it seems that adobe's website is not updated and is not having Adobe Reader LE for Nokia Mobile N73 ME (music edition).

Finally i could get the application from the below URL

Now when i try to install Adobe Reader LE v 1.5 , i get a message in Nokia N73 Mobile.
"Unable to install the component, because it is built in."

I then tried to update Nokia Mobile itself (after backing up phone's memory) by downloading "Nokia Software Updater (v1.3.0 en)", the updater software detects that i have Nokia N73 Music Edition mobile, which has a software version,
Nokia N73 (RM-133) Current : 3.0638.0.0.30 and

and It gives message that
"No software updates are available for this phone."

and thus i am unable to Re-Install the software .

Please suggest how i may get the Adobe Reader LE Application running on mymobile.
thanx in advance,

P.S. By mistake, i first posted this in some other discussion board of nokia, i guess this discussion group is the right one.