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    Tip: Challenge start in high latency networks

    Challenge starts can easily timeout in high latency networks if the challenge start timeout is set to 30 seconds or less. Then again setting it more than 30 seconds would be leave users waiting for too long and getting easily bored at waiting.

    public ItemList gameStart(java.lang.String lobbyID,
    java.lang.String lobbyPW,
    int lobbyMaxUsers,
    int lobbyStatus,
    java.lang.String gameRoomID,
    java.lang.String gameRoomPW,
    int gameRoomMaxUsers,
    int gameRoomUserCount,
    int gameRoomStatus,
    int mode,
    int leader,
    int timeout,
    java.lang.String presence,
    int byID)

    So how to do this in your game design the right way is to avoid calling gameStart until the challenge has been accepted by the challenged player, and that acceptance has been received by the challenger. The steps would be:

    1. Challenger sends chat message with challenge to opponent
    2. Opponent sends chat message accepting challenge
    3. When challenger receives challenge accept message, program: a) sends acknowledgement of receipt of challenge accept; b) calls gameStart
    4. When opponent receives acknowledgement of challenge accept from step 3. a), opponent calls gameStart

    In this way, gameStart timeout issues are reduced or eliminated because the method is not called until and unless the challenged player has responsed.


    - Heidi

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    Re: Tip: Challenge start in high latency networks

    Thanks for the Tip Heidi !!

    Keep them coming Snap Mobile is sweet indeed.


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