I'm visually impaired and it is much better for me to have all the important info displayed with white font on black background. My phone is 6151 with S40 3rd edition feature pack 1. I downloaded Theme Studio 2.2, and it seems I'm unable to set calendar window font colors, and, which is worst of all, change the color of font used in system messages.

Is there a way to edit every part of my phones UI, including appearance of music player, radio, and edit color of ALL fonts used throughout interface? It's important for usability of my phone with my visual impairment.

Thanks for your help.

Tomas Valusek

P.S.: Is there a way to get all the system info available for displaying on phone screen copied throu data cable into PC, so that I could update my firmware? I can't read the label located in battery compartment of my phone. Thanks.