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    automated builds


    I would like to do automated builds (using batch file and cruise control) for my application, most compilers set Errorlevel to greater than 0 if the error occuried, however it seems Metrowerks and GCC-E doesn't do it.

    Is there other way to check that the build failed?


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    Re: automated builds

    One way out is Write a Perl Script to Trap the Errors in batch build, atleast it work for me.

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    Re: automated builds

    Quote Originally Posted by rpunskyy

    I would like to do automated builds (using batch file and cruise control) for my application, ...
    Check this link, it'll be interesting for you: a little help about the script

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    Re: automated builds

    I expect that you'll have difficulty with this. One problem we found is that the symbian batchfiles (autogenerated and otherwise) consistently use this idiom (this example is from a generated ABLD.BAT):

    perl -S ABLD.PL "\symbian\my-app-dir\" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
    if errorlevel==1 goto CheckPerl
    goto End
    perl -v >NUL
    if errorlevel==1 echo Is Perl, version 5.003_07 or later, installed?
    goto End
    which is unfortunately broken -- if perl returns an error code we go to the CheckPerl test, which (assuming it succeeds, as it will on a properly set up system) will cause the whole script to exit with a success status anyway. These scripts ought to be fixed to propagate error status properly.

    I notice that Carbide works around some of these problems by invoking the perl scripts directly rather than via the batch file wrappers...

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