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    Question Symbian Signed recognizer with self signed exe?

    I have an application which doesn't require any special capabilities and I haven't put this application through the Symbian Signed process. It does however need a recognizer to work in the intended manner. As far as I can gather, recognizers must be Symbian Signed in Symbian 9.x (due to the requirement of the ProtServ capability). Is it possible to only Symbian Sign the recognizer and let the actual application be self signed?

    David Olsson

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    Re: Symbian Signed recognizer with self signed exe?

    well never tried this, but will try to answer this logically !

    - i have an exe - this can launch any application - requires some capability (guess SwEvent).
    Now if i get this exe symbian signed i can make it with recognizer (using Startup Management list - from Symbian 9.x).

    Now the other application which has to be laucnhed need not be Symb signed, it will be fine even if it is self signed.

    - those who have done this can confirm it, but i think it shud be possible.

    hope this helps
    Amit Kankani
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    Re: Symbian Signed recognizer with self signed exe?

    I don't see any problems with the approach on using separate sis files and only signing the ones that are required to be signed, just supply your application as a test file, so they can test them working together (if it is necessary).


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