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    ANN: Accredited S60 Developer Program

    Forum Nokia is please to announce an accreditation program called Accredited S60 Developer. It was officially launched on February 12, during 3GSM World Congress 2007.

    Developers' ability to truly address the development environment professionally requires an understanding of all the openly addressable software components in mobile phones. The new program will help developers to achieve a level of competency that allows rapid, high-quality delivery of S60 applications.

    The Accredited S60 Developer program includes an offering that is tailored for developers of native Symbian applications. This specialized offering covers areas of knowledge that are common to all Symbian and S60 C++ development work. S60 developers and Symbian developers are similar groups, likely with significant overlap in their skill sets and knowledge bases.

    The objectives of the Accredited S60 Developer program are to:
    • Distinguish among developers on the basis of competence, allowing managers to recruit and assign them to the right projects and to make the best use of training resources, as well as enabling individuals to develop their careers in a structured and objectively testable manner.
    • Promote structured education programs from Nokia Certified Training Centers around the world.
    • Align with developers' product roadmaps, ensuring that developers are trained to make the best use of products as they are developed.
    • Promote S60 software in the developer community and encourage discussion among developers, leading to the sharing of best practices.

    Forum Nokia also successfully launched a brand-new learning service for the developer community on November 27. The service offers e-learning courses designed to provide maximum learning in minimal time. These courses provide a visually engaging, guided learning experience, with features including hands-on practice labs, audio, and multimedia. The e-learning service gives developers accurate, relevant, and engaging learning on Nokia platforms direct from the source.

    For more information, please visit the http://www.forum.nokia.com/training of the Forum Nokia Web site.
    Best regards,

    Forum Nokia

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    Re: ANN: Accredited S60 Developer Program


    complete list of necessary skills is there:

    Even that I think that I touched practically every topic listed here in last few years - it would be good if some example questions will be available... When I did ASD exam - I think there were some examples plus there exists the book from Symbian Press, for those, who are preparing for it.

    One thing I don't understand is why Carbide topics are included? I'm CW user


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    Re: ANN: Accredited S60 Developer Program

    The curriculum is recognised as being wider than even most experienced developers will have encountered on a regular professional basis, through exposure or choice of tools or professional interests. But that need not concern potential candidates, as lesser knowledge in one or two curriculum areas will not affect the result of the online exam.
    There's a useful FAQ at http://www.majinate.com/faqsS60.shtml
    We don't currently plan to publish example questions, but will review this in the light of feedback from the developer community. All of what is needed to be studied is described in the publicly available Nokia training listed at http://www.majinate.com/curriculumS60.shtml.

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    Re: ANN: Accredited S60 Developer Program

    This scheme has now closed.

    Ron, how about putting an update at the top, and more importantly, unsticking the thread?

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