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    JSR 179 Implementation

    I am working with the JSR 179 implementation on a N71 device. Based on my tests (with different criteria parameters) I conclude that the device supports two implementations:

    - Accessing the location data from an external GPS device over bluetooth (NMEA protocol). This method works on my device.
    - Accessing the location information provided by the operator. Does throw a LocationException on my device. I assume that my operator does not provide such information.

    1) Could someone access location data with the operator based method?
    2) Which operators do provide location information accessible by the Nokia JSR179 implementation?
    3) What is the protocol which has to be provided by an operator?
    4) Is information about the implementation of com.nokia.mid.impl.symbian.location.LocationProviderImpl available?


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    Re: JSR 179 Implementation

    4) the JSR-179 implementation documentation on Nokia devices is available here, there are some comments on LocationProvider class


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