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    How can i initiate a data call between two Nokia 30

    I am trying to initiate a data call between two Nokia 30 through GPRS (The GPRS service is available in our city), they are both connected to PC. Firstly, i set up a voice call between the twos, at sending side HyperTerminal, i entered AT command as "ATD139XXXXX;",the receiving side HyperTerminal received "RING", after entered "ATA" at receiving side, the voice call was set up ok!
    While i tried to set up a data call between the twos. I entered "ATD139XXXXX" at sending side, responsed with "NO Carrier", and i couldn't set up the data call. Why?

    Thanks a lot!

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    RE: How can i initiate a data call between two Nokia 30


    When you are making a data call (CSD or HSCSD call) from
    Nokia 30 terminal to other one it goes excatly the same way as
    you described making voice calls by using hyper terminal programs.

    Before you can make data calls, your SIM cards must support data call (or HSCSD). If you are using high speed circuit switched data (HSCSD), then your service provider should support it too.

    But if you want to use GPRS between two PC by using Nokia 30 terminals, it works differently than just using normal data call.
    Your SIM card must support GPRS feature, also your service provider
    must support it as well.

    The GPRS usage is not same thing than making data or voice call with
    hyperTerminal program.
    You can not make GPRS call from terminal to other one by using hyperTerminal program.

    The data is almost always TCP/IP data when you try to make connection to the some server of the fixed network. In this case you should have a program which can handle tcp/ip data for example dial-up program of the windows.

    You can try to do so that the other Nokia 30 terminal works like
    like a normal GPRS modem , but the other one is connected to the
    to the internet via PC so that it has a public ip address. The PC must also have a server which takes care of data routing between these two gprs modem.

    IF you just want to make a normal gprs connection to the gprs network:
    1) Install the modem driver of the Nokia 30.
    2) Create a new dial-up connection by using installed modem driver
    3) Define GPRS Access Point name (APN)
    4) Configure DNS and IP address for the dial up connection (this information and APN can get from your service provider)


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