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    Angry Nokia N91 System Memory

    Hi every Body

    I using N91 (4GB) for almost a month now
    and was semi satisfied with its performance

    As it is loading from the hard drive takes yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

    and was saying this because it is a hard drive not a flash drive

    but I was trying to use HandyZip to make some files into one zip file on my mobile and it came up with the message (memory full try to close some applications and try again) although no other applications were running then

    and I tried again after I colsed the active standby and the Bluetooth connection with the headset and the message still the same

    The same error occurs with BEST.Full.Screen.Caller when trying to import large images to contacts

    While I was surffing on the internet I found the program x-plore from www.lonelycatgames.com which reads the system files and status

    and here was the surprise

    CPU speed 206 MHz
    Total system memory 45 MB
    Free memeory 5.5 MB (when the bt was shut off) 5MB (when bt was on)

    Where the rest of the 45 MB is gone and I don't have any applications was running then

    Please which someone find an answer to me ................... Thank you
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