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    billing for content


    Anyone here know how we can have our app. bill for content? We want to download content from servers and somehow charge the customer for doing so.

    The brew version of our app does this (I'm not sure about the details, since I work on the S60 version), and we want to do something similar with the S60 version.

    Any pointers appreciated.



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    Re: billing for content

    Can u share how ur' BREW app is doing this. in GSM case u need to have tie up with Operator for this. Operator should share billing URL.


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    Re: billing for content

    You can do it anyway you want really, all you need to do is to be able to deliver the content to the phone as non-activated, then implement some kind-of way on activating the content (for example by supplying a lock key), then you need to implement some-kind of way on requesting the activation information that you can charge for.

    One way is to have SMS number you can charge, or WAP billing, or you can make your own billing system based on cradit cards, its competely upto you how to do it in the end.


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