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    Post unable to send a string to a data using write function.

    Iam using series 60 fp3 SDK for symbian C++.Iam trying to connect to server through the emulator,iam using the example code in series 60 fp3 SDK Doc and iam able to connect to server but if i send a data it get transfer till write but iam not geting any reply not even a error message that it is not able to write to server.Is the series 60 eg is only for echo server?.How to check that the data u send has reach the server, if you send a data to a server other than echo server.

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    Re: unable to send a string to a data using write function.

    You can perform fully fledged TCP/IP, UDP/IP communication through the socket API of Symbian C++. It's a bit difficult to understand you problem - maybe you can try to explain exactly what you're trying to achieve.. You should receive some sort of error if something fails..

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