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    OMA DRM media transfer using PC to Phone using USB

    We are trying to see How Nokia Mobile Phones like N Series , E Series and 5300 etc can play OMA1.0 protected AAC files with either forward lock or combined delivery, after transferred (copied) from a PC to the mobile phone using USB and PC suite. The OMA 1.0 protected files are copied to the phone as simple File Transfer using the existing PC suite. The Context here is the OMA 1.0 protected contents are download from the internet by the user to his to her PC first.

    Note: when we tried to check this, we could not play the content on the mobile phone. We encountered the following issues

    1. When a forward locked file as *.dm was transferred as is into the phone, the media player application on the phone did not recognize the file.
    2. when I renamed the .dm file as .aac, the file played but the forward lock did not work as I could transfer that file to another phone and also could play in that phone
    3. a combined delivery protected aac file could not be played . The player indicated that the license key is not present ( even though it was part of the file).
    4. But the same contents transferred using OTA or Bluetooth seems to work fine also
    5. A separate delivery model)( download of keys using SMS) for the existing file on the phone also works

    All these observations lead me to the following inferences

    1. The Nokia Internet Browser and the Nokia Inbox application has capability of parsing and deciphering the OMA protected contents, so that extracting and internalizing the keys etc are done implicitly by the application before the content is available to play in the media player of the phone. Hence OTA and Bluetooth way of transferring protected contents works fine
    2. This activity of internalizing the licenses is not done by the phone or any application on the phone if the protected contents are transferred using USB mode (either MSC or PC suite) when transferred from PC to phone.
    3. It is because of this reason the media player application fails to play these files as required. It is also clear that Media player application itself does not parse or internalizes the keys ( in combined delivery) or lock the content to the phone( in case of forward lock)

    I want to know what are the ways in which we can make this work for USB mode transfer.

    Some of the broad areas where we can investigate are listed here with some questions

    1. Can the Phone be connected to the PC ( in this case not the normal user PC, but a dedicated PC like kiosk or POS terminal) where phone gets recognized in a special way so that the PC has the access to file system as well as key store . In this way the PC can push the separate delivery content to file as file copy and populate the separate delivery right objects (keys) into the key store in a secured way.
    2. Can Phone be connected to the special PC where PC can use the Inbox access interfaces to transfer a right object which is a binary object on to the phone? Currently on text can be transferred as part of “create new message” from PC to phone using PC suite API or application. Once again a separate delivery model is envisaged here
    3. Can we put an software application agent on the phone or plug-in to the media player on the phone which will recognize and internalize the forward locked or combined delivery content which are transferred using USB as file, before the media player plays the same.
    4. Can it be possible to simulate a HTTP or MMS transfer over USB from PC to Device
    5. Any other mechanism.

    From the platform point of view we are looking at S60 and S40 series of phones.

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    Re: OMA DRM media transfer using PC to Phone using USB


    For downloading *.dm (forward lock and combine delevery) http is must.

    For seprate delevery, .dcf can be transfered by any medium but .dr need to downloaded by WAP PUSH only,

    sorry bro

    Abhijeet Banode
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