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    Adding bitmaps to the mifdef file

    I develop an application for s60 in carbidee and I want to display bitmaps.
    I want to add bitmaps to the mifdef file but when I import bitmaps from the add button in the mifdef file the bitmaps is included in the project but not in the mifdef file. Is it possible to add bitmaps to mifdef? Is there an other way of displaying bitmaps? I read that for symbian 9.1 and later I should't use the mbmdef file to display bitmaps is that right?

    Thankeful for all help I can get!

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    Re: Adding bitmaps to the mifdef file

    The MIF contains SVG images and Carbide manages this type of file through a *.mifdef. The MBM contains bitmap images and its content is to be managed through a *.mbmdef.

    MBM is a native format for Symbian and it was "alway" suported. It is MIF that is a new addition since S60 2nd FP3.

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