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    What is happening in InputStream.Skip method?


    I need to read inputstream on Nokia 9500 under special circumstances, but the read method crashes because of a nokia implementation bug*. Interrestingly the skip method works correctly. According to MIDP2 API:

    The skip method of InputStream creates a byte array and then repeatedly reads into it until n bytes have been read or the end of the stream has been reached. Subclasses are encouraged to provide a more efficient implementation of this method.

    If this is true the skip method manages to read the stream that I don't manage to. My question is: is it possible to check somehow what is happening exactly when the skip method is called? Is it a usual java code? Is it public?
    If yes I could copy the code from the skip method and avoid the error above.

    I would greatly appreciate any pointers in this!

    *For details please see:
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