I noticied some problems with Carbide. Some are explained in other topics, like the folder icon.

There is a problem with Areas -> Main Area -> Collums. They do not change, even if I set an image for it.

The same occours in other items, like 3d part icons. Even if I configure the UID, the icon don't change.

Even if I configure Carbide to make FP2 themes (not BaseGraphics), the scrool bars (for exemple), are the same as Basegraphics. The scrool is in the right side of screen, but FP2 uses little arrows on bottom middle of screen.

Carbide don't recognize transparency very well... I use AWIcons Pro to edit my images (using only PNGs and JPGs). I try to use a transparent image for NaviPane. If I past and copy an image with transparency, Carbide change it to white! I have to save the image, and then change the NaviPane image on Carbide.

I'm using 6681, unlocked and unbranded, version 6.09.

Thanks for any help!