I am pleased to be able to announce our poster of the month for February is one of our long time contributors, S.S.Sudhakar who has demonstrated a knowledge of mobile device development and has been sharing years of experience with others.

The Forum Nokia Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is based on the quality and quantity of responses as judged by the Forum Nokia Experts. Along with the respect and gratitude of your peers, the POM receives a free shirt and may receive an S60 cell phone, and is a very good item to have in your resume if you wish to be a FN Champion.

Congratulations again to S.S.Sudhakar our Poster of the Month.

Prior Winners are:

March: JuarezJunior
April: Wizard_Hu_
May: PushL
June: Wang_shui
July: mateen_maldar
August: Peterblazejewicz
September: Peterblazejewicz
October: SymbianYucca
December: Priju Jacob Paul

January: Sorcery-ltd
February: S.S.Sudhakar