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    Carbide.j application path

    Hi, I'm new with Carbide.j and a want emulate my player on pc. What is the path for the files on the file system? I use NetBeans 5.5 and the last Carbide.j.

    The code:

    String fileLocation = "file://a.amr";
    player = Manager.createPlayer(fileLocation);
    Where i must put the file "a.amr"?


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    Re: Carbide.j application path

    Nobody can give me a answer?


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    Re: Carbide.j application path

    Hi zidia,

    After installing carbide.j, if you are using S60 emulator for testing, you can place the .amr file at "C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_Prototype_SDK_4_0\devices\
    and the path to be given in code is "file://localhost/c:/Nokia/Sounds/a.amr"

    However, you cannot use the file connection path directly as argument for creating player as like "Manager.createPlayer(fileLocation);" An input stream has to be opened from the file connection and pass it for creating player [Manager.createPlayer(InputStream stream, String mediaType)].

    Best Regards,

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