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    Does pys60 support running multiple python scripts

    I am new to python development on S60. I am using a S60 3rd edition emulator and python 1.3.18 for s60 3rd ed. I am trying to do some testing using audio/image applications. I want to write some testapps in pythion for image and audio and want to know if I'll be able to run the python scripts installed as apps simultaneously. for e.g. the following scrnario requires this type of execution

    "Opening an image while audio is being played" or " playing multple audios at the same time like when you get a ring tone while listening to the music"

    Is this kind of scenarios possible in S60 3rd ed phones using python scripts installed as standalone apps.



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    Re: Does pys60 support running multiple python scripts

    AFAIK yes, if the python scripts are installed as standalone applications (.sis) then yes, you can run as many as you want.

    Actually I quickly tested it: I'm running three different easyedit text editors: the one in easyedit.sis, one that I use for development called ee.sis and one from the Python interpreter. And they run just fine.


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