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    Sending bookmarks over bluetooth


    I'm experimenting with sending wap bookmarks over bluetooth and this seems to be a bit of a jungle. On SonyEricsson and Motorola phones I can send a vBookmark file with the extension .url and the user will be asked if they want to accept and add the bookmark. On Nokia 6110 it's possible to send a .bmk file and it will work in a similar way. However, this .bmk file didn't work when I tried it on a N70. What format does the N70 accept? Are there some other more universal way of sending wap bookmarks over bluetooth that works on all Nokia phones?

    Thanks in advance!

    -- Igge

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    Re: Sending bookmarks over bluetooth


    I've been looking into this recently and found this post. I was initially looking for a universal format that would be compatible with all devices across all manufactures, but I think this was wishful thinking. So far I've found that you:

    send a vBookmark (.vbk) to:

    * All Sony Ericsson phones
    * All Motorola phones

    send a HTML (.html/.url standard web format) link to:

    * Nokia Series 60

    send a (.bkm) to Nokia series 40 3rd edition

    As far as I can see, this covers the maximum amount of handsets.

    Does anyone know of anyway to send a wap link to a 6230i via Bluetooth? I've noticed that Nokia PC suite does include the Bookmark section when you do a backup and restore via Bluetooth, so I guess it must be possible?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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