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    Header files in project "HelloCarbide" in Carbide.c++

    Hello everybody,

    I need help for the following problem:

    I have installed Carbide.c++, S60_2nd_FP3 SDK, ActivePerl and Ctags. Carbide detects SDK with no problem.

    I have tried to run "HelloCarbide" example in "Getting Started with Carbide.c++ screencast" but there is a problem.

    In build phase, Carbide.c++ gives "file can not be found" errors for own .h files of project "HelloCarbide".

    In screencast, any changes about project settings are not mentioned. And project builds with no errors.

    Do we have to make any changes that is not shown in screencast, in order to build "HelloCarbide" project?

    Do the people who can build "HelloCarbide" did make any modifications in project setting? (for ex. any changes in include folder?)

    Or, is there any other problem that I can not see?

    Thanks a lot.
    Have a nice day!

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    Re: Header files in project "HelloCarbide" in Carbide.c++

    I will answer myself:

    I was using a non-English version of winXP. After spending some time, I tried to change regional settings to "English - USA", and also the keyboard language to English. Problem disappered.

    So, I advise everybody to do this before using Carbide.c++.


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