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    Angry 5300 (s40) playing audio problem

    (5300 not 3500)

    hello all,
    I am trying to play audio that is to be downloaded to the mobile and saved to the RMS, then played...
    the problem started with an exception while writing to the RMS, and after some searching I realized that the mobile's RMS can handle a limited amount of data approximately 200K...

    that problem was solved by splitting the data (audio file) into parts and loading them afterward to the heap -through a byte array- for playing the audio.
    The problem is still alive,,,

    Considering that I am still loading the whole file to the heap, I implemented an InputStream that reads from different RMSs, and giving it to the Manager.createPlayer() method, but no way....

    where is the problem???
    any help please...
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